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We ain't in Galwyndor anymore...

The term "Gateway series" is actually misleading; there is technically only one "Gateway" game, which is Glyphmaster's Gateway, a tabletop role-playing game. The "series," as it is commonly known, typically includes Gateway: Return to Galwyndor as well, which was a customizable card game-slash-board game by the same production team which was never completed.

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The Lloan symbol

Main article: Lloan

Lloan (low-ahn) is the currency of Galwyndor, the homeland of the characters of Gateway. It is used to pay for a number of things, namely to bring basic units onto the battlefield; the reason Galwyndorian Lloan is preferred is due to the fact that the indigenous Errodite monetary system is seen as being of significantly lesser value.

The term "Lloan" is used in both the singular and the plural, thus, a basic unit with a cost of LloanButtonLloanButtonLloanButton is said to cost "three Lloan".

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Ghouls artwork by artist Nick Patterson.

This image is shown on Card number 117 of the First Edition of Return. It is done by artist Nick Patterson of Canada. For more of his work, check out his gallery online at Deviant Art.

"Many a man has fallen victim to the lovely tune, waking to empty pockets."--card text of Gypsy Fiddler

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