The Champion symbol

The Champion Craft is represented by the color blue, and is characterized by victory, glory, combat prowess, strength, agility, speed, stamina, and a strong lust for war. Champion special units are predominantly made up of warrior-types of creatures and units, such as Chainmaster, Achilles, and Armored Giant. The Champion Craft is largely focused on increasing its units' capability of destroying other units in melee combat through strength of arms and raw power. Abilities of the Champion Craft range from increased engage points, such as Berserk, increased damage resistance, such as Anesthesia, to multiple attacks, such as with Knightswarm or Rapid Fire.

Unique Champion Resource CapabilityEdit

The Champion Craft may use either Champion resources or Lloan to pay for its special units; any combination of these are valid. This capability exists only for the Champion Craft. For example, the Ghost Horseman card has a listed cost of ChampionButtonChampionButton, but Ghost Horseman can be brought into play with ChampionButtonChampionButton or ChampionButtonLloanButton or LloanButtonLloanButton.

Lloan cannot be used in this manner to play Champion abilities, only to pay for special units.

Champion HeroesEdit

The Champion Heroes are:

  • Gunther Stormloft
    • Special Ability - Gunther Stormloft has the innate special ability of Bladestorm, which gives him an additional "Bladestorm" attack at the cost of ChampionButton, which deals 1d6 damage and is undefendable.
  • Jarl Ultar
    • Special Ability - Jarl Ultar has the innate special ability of Hurl, which gives him the ability to throw a unit up to two spaces into another unit at the cost of ChampionButtonChampionButton, which deals 1d6 damage to both units (the unit thrown and the unit it is thrown into), and is undefendable. Cannot be used on flying units.